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Detective Bunkowsky of the LAPD
31 December 2019 @ 11:59 pm

Semi friends only as I have a few public posts while most of my journal is private...

Drop me a line on here if you want to be friends or if you just want to spam me with nothing
Or sometimes I add in random things on here like music or pictures

Either way anon posting is on for all public posts if you want to stay Anonymous

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Detective Bunkowsky of the LAPD
10 April 2011 @ 05:17 pm

But I have some links and my otherwise out there thought process

http://www.amphigory.com/wigs_fy_fashion_101.html I want a new wig thanks to the new pictures of Ukraine

http://www.ehow.com/how_7351963_make-military-beret.html - http://www.joann.com/joann/catalog/productdetail.jsp?PRODID=prd23483&green=22455210505
For the beret

My belt I've got a good idea that looks the most canon as opposed to getting an expensive Sam Browne belt and tearing it apart
  • Get two brown belts, a small piece of soft leather or suede and leather glue
  • Cut two small sections of the soft leather and make them into loops, glue them to the inside of the smaller (waist) belt
  • Take the longer belt and loop the two ends through the soft leather
  • Glue the belt loops in place and possible add rivets if it's not strong enough
The cravat is going to end up being this

I forgot what else I was going to say
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Detective Bunkowsky of the LAPD


What I have collected for my cosplays so far is:
  • A light tan sweater
  • The perfect color red for a hairband
  • A Ukrainian SSR flag
  • White knee highs
  • A basket with various flowers
  • White gloves
And.... I think that's it so far besides patterns and fabric
I already have the boots for my Ukraine cosplay but now looking for brown boots for my Soviet Ukraine outfit

I need a simple looking boot and I want one with that heel on it because it looks badass and elegant

And I got very distracted while writing this
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Detective Bunkowsky of the LAPD

Now I'm debating if I should make a white button down from scratch just because I like the look of the wide, prominent cuffs
Maybe if I have time I will
The most I can do at least is replace the buttons on a button down to make them more noticeable

I've also gone searching and ;__;
Cuuuute wig! But I don't trust my wig cutting skills at all! (my biggest problem with my Ukraine wig now is I wish it was a tad bit longer so not as long as the wig itself but cutting it down would look nice)

But I did find a tan V neck sweater which means all I need are some black Mary Jane shoes, white knee highs and I need to decide what color headband I want and I'll be otherwise done with Gauken Ukraine!

Going around on Cure I didn't find a Soviet cosplay that was exactly what I was looking for which was disappointing

Anyway! Here's the wip list of cosplays I've been looking at on Cure!

Ukraine cosplay listCollapse )

I was also checking the fem Romano cosplays they have and I noticed a lot of them use a tan/brown color scheme for her in the casual dress as opposed to the pink/dark pink I've seen in a lot of fanarts so I'm debating if I should go with tan or stick with pink
Maybe a dirty pink? A light pink dress with brown ribbon? A tan dress with pink ribbon??
I'll also more than likely use some strappy tan/wood wedge sandals for her shoes

Female Romano cosplaysCollapse )
Detective Bunkowsky of the LAPD
 My family and I went over near the Baltimore/DC area
The area between the two

Among other things that happened during that trip that I won't go into detail on, we stopped by a Joann's I saw from the highway and... I'm really glad we did!

This place was so much bigger than the ones near me! (the closest one either being where I went to high school which is an hour from where I live or Dover, Delaware which is roughly the same distance)

Luckily I picked up a pattern which I pray to God will work for my Soviet coat
Simplicity #2581

Get rid of the pockets, shortening the bottom a bit and adding the epaulets to the shoulder
My only concern is making a pea coat style from that along with extending the collar

And also one that would work perfectly for fem Romano's pink dress
Burda #7554

Move the elastic up to make an empire waist and add a few more ruffles along with a bow on the collar

Now onto fabric!
While I'm still morning the loss of this perfect specimen

I did find this for my Gauken jumper

D-do you think that would work?
It's not as bright yellow as in the picture;;

Anyway now to buy two orders of these and a pattern for the jacket and pants under the coat
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Detective Bunkowsky of the LAPD
 I'm making this because c_rowles told me to and I never use my blog anymore
That and I think this is rather useful for me too to find materials and anyone else in the off chance they want to follow in my footsteps (please don't)

The things I'm making are:
  • redoing my Ukraine cosplay (making a new shirt and fixing the pants to fit nicer)
  • Soviet Military Ukraine (utterly terrified going along with this cosplay because I'm way too detailed oriented)
  • Gakuen Ukraine (all I need is to make the jumper since everything else I have or can find rather easily) 
  •  Fem Romano's pink dress (something to wear when I get overheated by Soviet Ukraine)
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Detective Bunkowsky of the LAPD
19 September 2010 @ 01:02 am
Don't know what I'm talking about?


zee_tee did some comics about our adventures at Otakon this year!
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Detective Bunkowsky of the LAPD
09 September 2010 @ 04:50 pm
 Ok I like Georgia the country a lot
Especially the language




And I'm bored so I'll tl;dr about my Georgia heacanon here except I only know about Georgia's relationship with Ukraine so ehhhhhhhhhhhh...... it's also not my fault that I ship Georgia/Ukraine like burning


He has gorgeous dark curls and light brown eyes
Athletic build and around 5'9 in height

For some reason I like the name Mzechabuki

His favorite color is dark red.

He also tends to wear a lot of dark wash jeans, tshirts, and button down shirt all in dark red, black and splashes of white
When he's out with someone he tends to dress casually with slacks and a nicely ironed button down
At meetings he wears a nice charcoal colored suit, white shirt, and dark red tie. It's a given he'll wear that

His hobbies include dancing, listening to polyphonic singing, watching rugby, khridoli (a type of Georgian martial art), wrestling, entertaining tourists, tending to his grapes and selling produce every Saturday from the back of his beat up pick up truck, checking his Little Black Book, and playing chess
He also collects swords, wine corks and women's numbers

He has a pet goat named Dudukhana

Mighty proud of his new flag!
Has really cheesy "I'm a Georgian Prince" bumper stickers on the back of his pickup too

His people are very good at writing poetry but he himself is terrible at it
That and writing songs or writing music.... he thinks he's incredible at it

He's actually a very attentive lover. Remembering anniversaries and birthdays
Favorite foods, flowers, all that
A little clingy though and a little old fashioned
He's not one to throw around the phrase "I love you" though

Very charming with everyone as he maintains very good relations with his neighbors... minus Russia
He likes telling off color jokes and can't stand when someone's upset... makes him feel so uncomfortable
Sometimes he can try too hard to cheer someone up

He can make almost anything exotic: hell he can make cheesy bread exotic!

Not very good with kids though like he tries to be good with kids and it just fails
He did however dance with this girl

Because she's telling the world to sing and dance with her and Georgia
And she's really adorable

Gets angry very easily and is really reckless
He also gets nervous really easily and has a habit of chewing on things

He can be pretty cocky
Not talking about how awesome he is but he tries to make himself more important than he really is
It's even more annoying when he's drunk because he just talks about himself and how great his mountains are the entire time

The outside of his home looks in really bad shape
Inside it's decorated beautifully

He gets terrifying with his hospitality
Even moreso than most of the ex Soviets pushing food down guests throats

One of the very, very few countries who's actually fluent in Ukrainian as many Ukrainian poems are taught in Georgian schools
This makes Ukraine swoon even more than before

When he was little he was raised by monks and nuns and hidden away in the mountainside churches and caves
He was raised as a man from the get go so he didn't have much of a childhood to play around

Because of that he's actually pretty secretive when it comes down to sex like he likes it with the lights off
Not really kinky or anything although he's been tempted to do it outside on a mountaintop 
Very virile though...

Really hates being referred to as one of America's states or even worse being called as part of Russia and is hellbent on making a name for himself!
Which fails

I'll add more maybe later

"...when he's anywhere near America he pronounces his name 'Gee-orge-ee-uh'. "
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Detective Bunkowsky of the LAPD
08 June 2010 @ 01:12 am

Just wanted to post this
Detective Bunkowsky of the LAPD
24 March 2010 @ 09:59 pm
So I asked this on the meme but I wanted to open it up to my non meme going friends

That and this isn't due until the 7th BUT!
Part of my Anthro class was doing a research paper and it was broken up into two subjects: body art and technology

I'm studying technology which means I have to be an "informant" to someone who's the "anthropologist" for body art and vise versa for me

One question she brought up was the idea that some people find tattoos and piercings utterly repulsive while some find them attractive and what that can explain about a society

So my question to you flist is what do you find beautiful?

The idea is that it's up to you to decide something you find beautiful and it could be physical like on a person or a thing
Something emotional

You don't even have to specify why if you don't want to

Just something you find beautiful


I sort of wanted to add in something I just thought about:
When something holds meaning to someone I find it beautiful

You see someone stop and looking at a painting or a statue and you can see in their face so much emotion or pride or happiness...
Something you know is important to someone which is why I guess I like some tattoos or scars because they hold an importance to someone

Also when you see the wind blow through plants especially a field or the ocean

And dark brown eyes
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